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DME 2 T KNX  2 x 400W Dimmed channels - Extension
THEBEN 4930275

DME 2 T KNX 2 x 400W Dimmed channels - Extension

Product code: 4930275
The MIX2 series is a range of devices consisting of basic modules and extension modules. Up to 2 MIX or MIX2 extension modules can be connected to a basic module of this series. A wide range of functions can be controlled including Dimming, Switching, Heating, Binary Inputs and Blind Actuators.
Price (Excluding VAT)


  • 2-way universal dimmer actuator MIX2
  • Extension module MIX2
  • For upgrading to maximum of 6 channels
  • For dimming dimmable LED, incandescent lamps, LV, HV halogen lamps and energy saving lamps
  • Also suitable for dimming of dimmable energy-saving lamps
  • Also suitable for controlling fans
  • Up to two extension modules MIX or MIX2 can be connected to one base module
  • Device and KNX bus module can be swapped independently of each other
  • Removable KNX bus module enables devices to be changed without reprogramming
  • Manual set-up and use of switching actuators is possible without KNX bus module
  • LED switching status display for each channel
  • Manual operation on device (even without bus connection)
  • Dimming output: 400 W/VA per channel or 800 W/VA in parallel operation
  • Automatic load detection (can be deactivated)
  • For R, L and C loads

The dimming output can be upgraded by using additional dimmboosters “DMB 1 T KNX.”

When dimming LEDs - dimming output is increased by 45 W/VA for each dimmbooster.  Output up to a maximum of 980 W/VA is possible by using the maximum of 4 boosters together with 2 dimmer channels joined in parallel operation mode. 

When dimming incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, inductive loads or electronic transformers - dimming output is increased by 300 W/VA for each dimmbooster.  Output up to a maximum of 2000 W/VA is possible by using the maximum of 4 boosters together with 2 dimmer channels joined in parallel operation mode.

It is not possible to use dimmboosters with dimmable energy saving/Compact Fluorescent lamps.

Technical Details


  • Operating Voltage: 230VAC 50HZ
  • Power Consumption: 0.6W
  • Outputs: 2
  • Dimming Capacity Per Channel: 400W
  • Dimming Capacity in Parallel Operation: 800w
  • Dimming Capacity Dimmable Energy Saving Lamps: 80W
  • Dimming Capacity in Parallel Dimmable Energy Saving Lamps: 140w
  • Dimming Capacity 230V LEDs Trailing Edge Control (RC): 400W
  • Dimming Capacity in Parallel 230V LEDs Trailing Edge Control (RC): 800W
  • Dimming Capacity 230V LEDs Leading Edge Control (L): 60W
  • Dimming Capacity in Parallel 230V LEDs Leading Edge Control (L): 120W
  • Dimming Capacity Minimum: 5W



Technology KNX
Mounting DIN Rail
Operating voltage 230VAC
Outputs 4
IP rating IP20
Mounting Width 4MW
EAN 400346 8491706

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