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​How KNX and Ivory Egg are overcoming supply chain issues when other systems can’t

Staffing shortages, financial woes and supply chain issues have replaced infection rate statistics in the news, but these figures are still concerning and their impact far-reaching. 

We take a look at how choosing to work with KNX is helping integrators and homeowners alike during this supply crisis.

Proprietary Problems

At Ivory Egg, we have always championed KNX due to its open protocol and the benefits it affords, and this has never been more relevant. 

Integrators working with proprietary systems for AV, lighting and home control are suffering from product supply issues and lengthy delays, leaving homeowners with expensive systems that cannot function as intended. 

Supply and stock issues can render a proprietary install useless, which is unacceptable for the end client and causes stress and uncertainty for installers.

Relying on proprietary products is bad news for homeowners, and puts integrators in an impossible situation, especially those with post-install service contracts to uphold.

Open Source Solutions

This means you (and your client) are never left high and dry, there will always be an alternative KNX product to choose from to do the job.

Whether you're choosing front-end switchplates or products for behind the scenes, with KNX there is an option for every design aesthetic and every price point. Check out some of these incredible KNX projects for inspiration.

Ivory Egg Intel

As a specialist KNX wholesaler, we work with a whole range of the most well-known and respected manufacturers and have built close working relationships with them. 

Whether you are new to KNX and are looking for training, or are a seasoned installer looking for product advice and availability, we’ve got you covered.

Our team has a wealth of experience, with some of us having been on the tools ourselves. If you need any information on anything KNX then make sure you get in touch.

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