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Product Guide

Basalte Keypads - Installation Tips and Tricks

The Basalte Deseo and Sentido Keypads are one of the most technical and stylish control surfaces available, but for them to look and perform at their best the installation needs to be done correctly. 

Firstly the back box needs to be mounted securely in the wall and flush with the surface. If you are using dry lining boxes, then the hole needs to be counter sunk so that the orange rim of the back box isn't visible behind the keypad. Kaiser have a specific hole saw for just this purpose - the Multi 4000.

If you are using Kaiser dry lining boxes then the mounting screws for the keypad need to be at the top and bottom, not left and right. 

Due to the capacitive nature of the keypad a small air gap is required between the keypad and the wall. This is designed into the product but it is important the wall surface is perfectly flat around the keypad.

Again, due to the capacitive nature of the keypads, any wallpaper with metal threads, design surfaces with a large amount of metal, or mirrored surfaces may affect the operation of the keypads so should be avoided if possible.

Finally, if you are installing multiple Sentidos or Deseos in close proximity, there needs to be a minimum gap of 4cm between the products.

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