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Product Guide

How to use the output box when creating logic on the Gira Homeserver

When using the Graphic Logic Editor on the Gira Homeserver or Facility Server, the output box can be used in two different ways.

The first is to directly assign a communication object using the field labelled 1 in the above image. In this case the object will track the value connected to the output box. This is useful for following the output of a logic module or passing a value onto the bus. 

The second option is to assign a command in the field labelled 2. In this case the action will be executed when a value greater than 0 is received at the output box. It will not be execute when a value of 0 is received. This can be useful for sending a value to the bus that is different to the logic output. It is also where internal function on the homer server can be activated such as triggering a push notification.

There is also a function to link an output box for one logic page to the input box on another page.

By right clicking on the output box you can create connector. Once given a label, this can then be assigned to an input box again by right clicking. This is much simpler than the old method of creating an internal group address to link pages.

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