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Product Guide

Setting up Push Notifications on the Gira Homeserver

The Gira Homeserver can be configured to send push notification to iOs devices including iPhone, iPads and even the Apple watch. 

The following all need to be done but as usual with the Homeserver there are multiple ways to get to each stage.

1. Enable notifications in the main project settings.

2. Enable notification on the Gira Portal.

3. Set up a recipient. This allows you to create the link between the iOs device, the Gira cloud service and the homesrver using a password.

4. Create a notification. This is the actual message that will be sent and is conditional based on the state of the assigned object.

5. Set up logic to trigger the notification. The trigger could be a received bus value or internal function on the Homeserver.

6. Enable the notification on the iOs device. This is done from the profile settings and the profile must be connected to work. Use the password added during step 2.

You should now receive the notification when the trigger occurs and the conditions are met. You can check the status of notifications by calling the 'debug' list at <ip address of homeserver>/hslist.

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