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Can KNX Keypads be located in a bathroom?

As the KNX bus is SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) there are no restrictions on placement. The only caveat is the effect the moisture may have on the device but after sales of many hundreds of KNX keypads into bathrooms we are yet to hear of a failure generated by moisture in such an environment. The are two situations when moisture should be considered.

1. When using labelling on the push buttons, we would always recommend etched button labelling rather than printed labels.

2. A device with a screen, such as an LCD is likely to be more effected by moisture so we would recommend against that.

If KNX is being used for climate control then the keypads will need to be in the bathroom to read the temperature. If this is not possible then a temperature probe will need to be installed in the room. This can either be connected to a local keypad or an analogue input depending on the devices used.

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