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Product Support

Updating firmware on the Gira G1?

To update the Gira G1 you will need to load the firmware via the Gira Project Assistance (GPA) software. To use the latest functions and features you may also need to update the application version in ETS. If this is a major release i.e version 1 to version 2, you may need to reconfigure the G1 as its not always possible to transfer the settings.

To update:

1. Check for available updates to the GPA software by selecting download button in the top right corner. Once you have updated you can open the project in the new version. 

2. Check GPA has the latest firmware installed. GPA has the relevant firmware for all devices but you will need to check on the Gira Download site for more current versions. Once downloaded, firmware can be added to GPA via the settings page.

3. Update the firmware on a device via the Action Centre. Here you can see the current versions installed and download a new version.

4. Check for new versions of the ETS application in the online catalogue or via the Gira download site. Add the latest version to the project, then you can update the application version from the properties tab. Make sure you have a back up of the project in case the application change clears the parameters. This can happen when major new features are released or the structure of the application is changed.

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