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Product Spotlight

An Introduction to the Gira Door Communication System and G1 Room Controller

Gira Door Communication System

Since 1905, German manufacturers Gira have been consistently bringing fresh designs and ideas to the electrical accessories arena. From their humble beginnings designing simple toggle switches, to becoming a founding member of the KNX home and building control system, Gira have always ensured that their range evolves to utilise the latest changes in technology.

Identifying a gap in the market, Gira expanded their product set to include a door communications range that integrates effortlessly into their multi-award winning switch and socket range. Doorbell setups for buildings have been around for decades, so how does a Gira Door Communication System (DCS) differ?

DCS is a move from basic door entry to an intelligent access control solution, utilising a central controller unit to process instructions and information. This controller connects to a door station unit outside, and to one or more home station units inside. 

Both power and data are carried over a 2 wire cable, meaning the solution remains simple, elegant, easy to install and most importantly secure. The system is also capable of video communication, allowing for a more complete security solution.

The DCS is expandable and modular, allowing for many different intelligent configurations. For example, the addition of a TK-Gateway means the system is able to ‘telephone’ the signal from the door station to up to 50 different telephone numbers, allowing control and security of the property to be managed remotely.

However, the system becomes really interesting when an IP-Gateway is added. With this small addition, the system is opened up to a whole host of different functionalities including the ability to program using a web browser and to control the system via a PC. This is a perfect fit for smaller residential projects, with scope to easily expand to office solutions.

The addition of an IP-Gateway also allows for integration of a one of the latest additions in Gira’s offering, the G1.

Gira G1 Room Controller

The G1 is a slim, sophisticated touch panel already making waves in the world of smart home installations thanks to its stylish and easy to use interface. It performs the same function as a video home station offering video communication via its 480 x 800 pixel display and high quality audio communication. You can also use it to view connected cameras and control the door or gate release functionality.

The G1 also integrates seamlessly into a KNX home automation system, allowing the end-user to control lights, blinds and heating from one intelligent touch panel. What sets the G1 apart from other solutions is its ability to integrate KNX system control with door entry control all in one easy to install, easy to use panel.

In previous systems, DCS and KNX have stayed relatively separate. This could mean having video home stations as well as KNX interface units which increases the risk of a cluttered looking installation. Indeed, as the end user becomes more tech-savvy, the paradoxical demand for simpler yet more powerful and interfaces increase significantly.

Both the Gira Door Communication System and the G1 are an ideal solution for home-based projects, apartments and offices. They allow you to simplify the installation and reduce commissioning time whilst still delivering a premium solution to your customers.

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