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Product Spotlight

Gira Release Homeserver Version 4.7

In September 2018, Gira released the largest update to the HomeServer and FacilityServer (HS/FS) since the launch of QuadClient. The updates make the HomeServer even more functional as a central server for KNX and also introduces new ways of managing the QuadClinet visualisation to further increase the functionality.

Transport encryption

Encrypted communication across all interfaces in accordance with the latest TLS 1.2 standards.

HTML-based HS Monitor

The HS Monitor has been completely revised and is available as an HTML version in the browser, starting from this version, making it clear and simple to see the state of object in the HomeServer and on the KNX bus. 

Syslog protocol function

Syslog is a standard when it comes to transferring log messages in an IP computer network. The system messages created by the HS/FS can now be transferred by Syslog protocol to other parties.

HTML help in the Expert software

The Expert help has been converted completely to HTML. All documents that were previously accessed via the Windows help, PDF or HTML are now available in HTML format allowing you to access the HTML pages using any browser.

URL endpoints

The URL endpoints provide new possibilities for implementing free visualisations. The URL endpoint function has been added to almost all HS objects  (e.g. communication objects, scenes, sequences, etc., see documentation) for this purpose. This means that external access is permitted to all these HS objects directly via HTTPS or WebSocket. This provides greater freedom to design free visualisations through the use of the latest browser technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript using modern web development tools outside the Expert software.

HSL 2.0: New logic module SDK

From firmware 4.7, there is a new approach to the development of logic modules with the full implementation of the python programming language. Python can be used to create your own logic modules with several tools provided for the development. There is also a step-by-step "How To" for setting up your own development environment, in addition to the comprehensive documentation on the creation and function of these modules.

Free visualisation: New designs

Two new full-screen visualisation designs are available under Project settings interface/Designs:

  • 1024x600 full-screen design (for Gira Control 9 Client 2)
  • 1920x1080 full-screen design (for displays with full HD resolution)

QuadClient Starter

The QC Starter is a new Windows application which is installed on the client device, e.g. PC, Gira Control 19 Client 2. It connects to the HS/FS and then automatically downloads the Gira QuadClient application from the server if this not already installed on the client device. Following the initial installation of the QuadClient Starter, it will always automatically download and install the latest QuadClient version whenever the HS/FS firmware is updated.

QuadClient User Control

You can now choose between four possible authorisations depending on the user allowing you to define which system functions a user can use within the QuadClient. The authorisations are guest user, group member, group administrator and system administrator.

A user can now be changed directly in the QuadClient during runtime, a restart is no longer required. As of this version, the "User list" option is available in the system settings for the QuadClient, where you can select the required user. In addition, you can trigger a change of user / user logoff using a communication object making it possible to change the access level of a device without manually changing the user. This is ideal for managing guest or children's access to the system.

Locate end devices within a project

End devices / client devices on which a QuadClient is running can now be located precisely within the building. This means that you can create end device profiles in the QuadConfig defining different button configuration, user access levels and display local information on the info bar at the top of QuadClient.

Configurable button assignment/function buttons

The four buttons in the navigation bar at the bottom of the QuadClient can now be freely configured. The buttons are configured directly in the QuadClient.

You can choose between the following functions:

  • Favourites
  • MyTouch
  • Direct function
  • Note
  • Change of user
  • Browser
  • not assigned

Symbol selection dialog in the QuadConfig

To allow quick and easy selection of the correct symbol, the following functions have been added to the symbol selection dialog:

  • View: Selection of different views for the symbol preview
  • Categories: Groups the symbols by topic in categories
  • Subcategory: Groups the symbols by topic in subcategories
  • Filter: Direct keyword search in the symbol preview
  • Window size: Changes the size of the dialog window variably
  • Symbol preview in the properties area of the function templates and menu tiles.

QuadClient Config Editor

To allow quick and easy selection of the correct design, predefined display profiles have been added to the design settings for all Gira Control devices, thus reducing the amount of effort required to configure parameters.

Project cache

Project data is stored in the system throughout the lifetime of the project so that the QuadClient starts faster if the project has not changed, especially for remote connections using port forwarding.

The update is available on the Gira Download site here.

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