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Product Spotlight

Zennio Continues to Innovate

Zennio have once again shown they are one of the fastest developing and most innovative manufacturers within KNX, launching products to complete their line up and increasing the functionality of some existing ones.

DALIBOX 4CH, 6CH and 64/32 1 CH

Both models support 20 broadcast ballasts per channel as well as 10 Scenes making this the perfect product for residential applications. The DIN Rail mounted actuators also have local overrides making testing and installation quick and easy. Both models will be available from May 2016.

Completing the line up is a KNX-DALI Interface for control of up to 64 DALI independent ballasts, which can be associated in up to 32 groups. Making this product stand out from the crowd is the display on the front of the unit for easy addressing when a ballast is replaced or assigned to groups. It also features error indicators for each ballast. This model will be available near the end of the 2016.


Most integrators will be aware of the Zennio Quad with its small format, 4 multifunction inputs and 4 integrated thermostats. Think of this as its big brother. In a 2 module wide DIN Rail house this units has 8 analog/digital inputs that can be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs or as motion sensor inputs. Eight room thermostats for heating/cooling control systems are integrated making this a very powerful and unique input device.


Already available is the 230v 8 Channel heating actuator with 8 integrated thermostats. Zennio have expanded this range to include a 4 channel unit and 24V versions of both. With silent triac's, short protection circuit, thermostats and the incredibly powerful Zennio logic engine, these versatile actuators deserve a place in any project.

Flush Mount Actuators

Available near the end of 2016 will be a range of flush mounted actuators and inputs. These are designed to fit in a standard Kaiser back box and are great when retrofitting KNX or working with third party keypads.

TMD Display View

Matching the design of the existing TMD range, the TMD-Display View is a room controller with a 1.8” backlighted display that is able to manage climate, audio, shutters and light, all thanks to its 32 functions distributed in up to 4 pages. These are accessible by pressing or sliding on the central area of the panel. It also includes a thermostat function, internal temperature probe and two analog/digital inputs.

White and black finishes are available now with the custom printing option available in the middle of 2016.

Z41 Com

Already one of the most powerful touch screens for KNX, given its integrated timer, room controller and free smart phone app, Zennio have raised the bar again by creating an interface for video door entry solutions. Once released at the end of 2016 the Z41 will became one of the simplest ways to give the customer a single point for all room control.

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