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Product Spotlight

Steinel True Presence & Multisensor KNX Detectors

Steinel have been developing their new ground breaking True Presence Detector for a while now and it has finally been released to the market. Using High Frequency/Microwave technology, it is able to detect the movement of a person's chest as they breath making it a True Human Presence Detector. 

There are some pretty unique features and benefits from this new range:

The ability to detect a person breathing. Well firstly, this is just plain cool. Initially this is just used to detect human presence in the room but there are updates planned to determine when someone has stopped breathing making this an amazing tool for hospitals and nursing homes, and even just if you want to install one at your parent's house for peace of mind. 

The coverage achieved by the True Presence detection. The primary detection of this sensor can cover an area of up to 64m2. For those of us trying to save the planet, this means that all the technology and energy you need when you enter a room can be switched off the moment you leave. This makes everything more efficient and will reduce operating costs at your business or home. 

The 4 different sensors. This range consists of the True Presence KNX, True Presence Multisensor KNX, Multisensor Air KNX and Hallway KNX.  

Not only is it the first detector to truly identify human presence, the True Presence KNX has an exceptional secondary presence detection area covering 177m2, coverage that has previously been unattainable by conventional presence detectors. 

The True Presence Multisensor detects all manner of things, from brightness to humidity, as well as CO2, VOC and air pressure. An all round detector which can feed back so much information to the KNX system that you won't know where to start!

When Air Quality is important but presence detection isn't required the Multisensor Air is the perfect fit. It's of great use in schools, where detecting CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOC) is very important, and sensing brightness in order to create light levels for optimum studying would be a massive benefit.

The Hallway version does exactly what it says on the tin, but it can also detect if a person is positioned on the right or the left and moving towards the sensor or away from it. So the lights ahead of the person can be switched on as the sensor knows which way they are travelling. 

With the True Presence range Steinel have created something truly unique, and this is just the start. When considered as part of the wider KNX world of control, the possibilities with these products are really exciting especially when integrators start to build projects around the functionality.

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