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Product Spotlight

The Theben P64 Dali Gateway

What is the P64 DALI Gateway?

The Theben P64 DALI Gateway is a multi-master controller for controlling the DALI interface via the KNX installation Bus. It enables the receipt of switch and dim commands and can be used for the notification of ballast failures and other light status information, including monitoring the status and operating mode of emergency lights and performing testing procedures. 

The Theben P64 DALI Gateway adheres to the latest DALI standard (DALI-2) for devices with emergency light functions (EN-62386-202)

How does it work?

Up to 64 individual DALI ECGs (Slaves) and up to 8 DALI-2 Motion Detectors / Light Sensorscan be connected via the connected P64 gateway (Master) in a DALI segment. 

When the DALI is commissioned, the ECGs receive an automatically generated 3-byte long address. The address assignment is automatic, but the device order is random and the ECGs need to be identified during further commissioning.

Any number of individual ECGs can be assigned in up to 16 groups. Group addressing in the DALI system guarantees that switch and dim processes of different lights within a system are performed simultaneously without the imposition of time delays. Light values of individual DALI ECGs can be merged into scenes and addressed via scene addresses.

A great feature of the P64 Gateway is the required power supply for the connected ECGs and Motion Sensors is provided directly from the device, so no additional DALI power supplies are required.

The device is available in a 4TE wide DIN rail housing for direct installation in an electrical distribution board. The bus connection is made via a standard bus connector. Mains and DALI lines are connected via screw terminals on the device. Ethernet is connected via an RJ45 socket.

In addition to the control of all standard operating devices, the DALI-Gateway P64 KNX also allows the operation of single battery emergency lighting and emergency lighting systems with a central battery.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Master Application Controller as an interface between the DALI system and the KNX bus
  • DALI-2 certified
  • Secure commissioning and communication through the support of KNX Data Secure
  • Integration of 8 DALI-2 sensors (motion/presence and brightness) according to EN 62386-303 and -304
  • Control of 64 DALI devices in 16 groups or individual control
  • Control of light colour and colour temperature according to EN 62386-209 (DT-8) in groups or individually 
  • Automatic adaptation of colour temperature to dimming value 
  • Scene module for 16 scenes (including DT8 colour control) 
  • Time-dependent control of brightness, light colour and colour temperature 
  • Scene module for 16 scenes (including colour control DT8)
  • Effect module for sequence control 
  • Support of single-battery emergency luminaires and emergency luminaire systems with central battery (EN 62386-202, DT-1) 
  • LC display (2x 12 characters) for menu guidance during commissioning and parameter setting
  • Commissioning via the operating elements on the device, via the integrated web server or via the free ETS app (DCA)

KNX Secure

The KNX standard has been extended by KNX Secure, which enables the transmission of encrypted information within KNX and allows secure encryption of ETS downloads as well as communication via objects. 

The DALI-Gateway P64 can also be configured with deactivated security in the ETS as was previously the case and group communication with other devices can also be carried out as usual. 

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