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Zennio DIMinBOX 2 Channel Dimmer

Zennio DIMinBOX 2 Channel Dimmer

Zennio’s new universal dimming actuator, the DIMinBOX 2CH is a fully featured dimmer with a very impressive range of additional capabilities. It features 2 channels rated at to 310w for resistive and inductive loads and an impressive 200w for LEDS and CFL. The Channels can also be paired to give 600w or 400w for LEDS.

It also has 2 Analog or digital inputs, which can be configured for binary inputs motion sensors or temperature probes. The DIMinBOX 2CH allows for manual dimming control with pushbuttons on the outer casing and the device also features error detection of voltage surge, short circuit, overheating, anomalous frequency, supply voltage failure, open circuit and parameterization error.  

With extensive parameterization options and 10 separate logical functions, this powerful device from Zennio offers many usage options and with the cross functionality the inputs offer, it is possible to reduce the number of other devices in the system. For example, not requiring any additional binary inputs to separately operate the logical functions, or connecting a window sensor to the first input to check if the windows are open, therefore shutting down the heating whilst using the second input for a local temperature sensor near the window to achieve more accurate temperature profiling. 

The actuator would be an ideal solution for home and commercial projects particularly apartments and hotels where cost is a key factor. 

If you would like to know more or to place an order, please call 01243572700 or alternatively, email sales@ivoryegg.co.uk.

Zennio DIminBOX 2CH

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