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Product Spotlight

Our favourite functions to control with KNX

KNX has over 470 manufacturers and the protocol allows control of all aspects of the built environment from lighting control to fully automating a commercial building.

Below are some of our favourite functions that KNX is used for.

Lighting for life

In rooms with multiple light source Scene Control enables you to realise different moods in the room at a touch of a button. Scenes can easily be reprogrammed after installation if this is required.

Lighting control including dimming, colour changing, colour temperature are all possible.

In hallway and landings Pathway lighting using motion sensors ensures there is always light when it's needed. This can be set to have different light levels based on the time of day or night. 

Presence Control can be used to trigger lighting but can also be linked to ventilation and Heating, perfect for rooms with short but frequent usage like bathrooms or utility rooms.

When no-one is at home Occupancy Simulation can recreate a routine, making the house more secure. This can even incorporate curtains or blinds, massively increasing the effectiveness.

External Lighting can be controlled based on movement or through any linked keypad in the home to provide peace of mind. Simple overrides can be implement when you are using outside spaces to entertain.

Your view on the world

Automatic Shading control allows you to make the most of natural light by opening curtains in the morning and closing them as the day ends to make a cozy environment.

It can also be used to automatically manage solar gain in a room, making the house more comfortable and energy efficient (even when you aren’t at home).

Beautiful designer switches, intelligent technology

An extensive range of  switches that are simple and easy to use. From simple and familiar, to switches designed by people who care about making beautiful things as well as effective products.

Because the KNX system controls so many aspects of the home, you will need less control points on the wall which ensures the interior design isn't compromised.

You can even match the socket and other wiring accessories to create a seamless electrical installation.

Staying comfortable and Healthy

Zoned Heating ensures you only heat rooms when they are being used and you can have single rooms on, independent of the rest of the system. This saves energy and increases comfort. You can also easily change set-points and have different set-points in different rooms. It's easier to turn rooms on/off and save even more energy.

KNX allows you to offer room Climate Control, ensuring rooms are at the perfect temperature. Even when rooms have multiple sources of heat, KNX can easily manage both, ensuring the room temperature is maintained in the most comfortable and energy efficient way while responding quickly to sudden temperature changes.

You have control of all types of heating and cooling including radiators, hydronic and electric underfloor, trench heaters, air conditioning and forced air. If it was designed from the start to handle complex heating systems it will do this with intelligence to ensure set points are met accurately and with the least energy possible.

Wellness control takes this a step further, managing humidity and air quality to ensure your home is as healthy as possible.

Increase efficiency, Decrease costs

Monitoring and Metering of energy sources, including sustainable sources such as solar or heat pumps, means the consumption of energy can be optimised. 

When combined with consumption control you can ensure that systems requiring large amounts of energy, like hot water tanks or swimming pools, are regulated to make the most of sustainable sources.

Wet and warm

Native KNX controllers can be implemented to control all the variables of a pool, like chemical introductions or heat-pump control.

Even when you have a standalone pool, control systems like KNX can still be used to monitor the water quality and temperature. They'll notify you immediately if there are any issues.

You can also use a system interface to start your sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi remotely so they are at the perfect temperature when you get to the pool area. 

Wine cellar

Wine needs looking after carefully. Temperature and air quality sensors allow for easy control and monitoring of wine cellars and other environments.

Take a look at the building from anywhere

App control and remote access enable your home to be controlled from mobile devices (iOS or Android) so you can always see what is going on. With control and status of all aspect of the home, you are able to do a lot more than just turning on the heating. Notifications can make sure you will be the first to know if there are any issues in the building, from a window that is left open to a leak in the water system.

Different access levels can be configured to ensure all occupants of the building can benefit from the system, even guests.

Voice control

Voice Integration with Siri, Alexa and other voice activated systems can be easily integrated, making the system even simpler and easier to use. A convenience for some, voice control can be life changing for others and with access to accessibility technologies. A KNX system can always be adapted to suit the needs of the occupants.

Control of guest areas and out buildings

Set up and control Remote Buildings such as guest suites or attached buildings so they can be put into standby or occupied mode with a single instruction.  Once in occupied mode the local control of heating and lighting is easy to implement.

Everyone working together

KNX can easily be integrated with AV control systems, Building Management Systems and Security Systems so you can have seamless integration between the different systems. It could be simple interactions like recalling a lighting scene from the AV touchscreen through to shutting down all services in the the building when you set the alarm.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these features or would like to be out in touch with an installer that can make them happen in your home, then get in touch using the contact details below.

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