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Product Spotlight

ise Smart Connect KNX Secure

The ise smart connect KNX Secure enables system integrators secure remote access to a customer’s installation – wherever in the world they may be.

This product means there are no more unsecured connections for system integrators, nor do they have to set up a VPN to the system for remote access. The device connects a KNX installation to a cloud service, which the integrator can access.

Using this device saves integrators time and reduces the need for site visits after installation; integrators can access the customer’s home and provide specific support from their own office or other remote location.

The KNX adapter also acts as an IP interface and therefore no additional IP interfaces are required.

Set up of the device is easy with no configuration of the homeowner’s router or network required. The adapter can be optimised to ensure reliable KNX communication when using a 3G connection, making it possible to set up a temporary network prior to the homeowner setting up the property’s broadband connection.


  • Secure worldwide access for set up and support
  • Integrated KNX/IP interface
  • Securely access local device web pages in the LAN network e.g. camera
  • Can be used with KNX visualisation solutions
  • Configuration-free when using DHCP
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