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Product Spotlight

Gira release new KNX Power Supplies

Gira have recently updated their range of PSU and added some interesting features.

All models now have a volt free contact which can be used to signals mains failure, overvoltage, overload and short circuit conditions. This can be connected to a binary input on a higher level, KNX line giving immediate indication of an issue, which can be critical on some installations.

The power supplies can now be placed directly next to each other on a line, removing the previous 200m limitation. For this to work the power supplies need to be of the same current rating. This feature can be used to increase the number of devices on a KNX line segment and also offers a simple way to build redundancy into the system.

Along with the standard 160mA, 320 mA and 640 mA units, Gira have also launched a 1280mA power supply. This can be used in installations where there is a high load on the auxiliary output. Alternatively, it gives the option to have 64 devices drawing up 20mA each which is quite common from products such as capacitive touch keypads or motor driven actuators.

Regardless of the number or size of the power supply the limit of 64 devices per segment must still be adhered to.

The 160mA, 320mA and 640mA are available now with the 1280mA available in December 2017.

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